Reservations: Reservations must be made in writing by sending in your reservation request form by fax, mail, or online to the address printed on the reverse side of the request form. Requests will not be processed without an accompanying signature of the purchasing traveler. Availability inquiries may be made with the reservations department over the phone, however all formal travel requests must be in writing. Resorts reserve the right to restrict travel dates during holidays. Please send all requests to USA Travel and Tours, at least ninety (60) days prior to request date if traveling during these periods, or thirty (30) days notice for normal travel requests. Should you wish to change your reservation date, USA Travel and Tours, must receive an email, fax, or a written request a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to your confirmed arrival date. All reservations and change of dates are subject to availability.

Qualifications: Due to the savings of this package, this Vacation Program is a one-time offer for each purchaser and has the following restrictions: Only one package per household, maximum occupancy is determined by travel location and room size, must be of contractual age (25 years) and gainfully employed and in possession of a major credit card. Not valid for groups of two or more couples.

Included: Items listed on “Details of your vacation package” sheet. This Vacation Package is good for the included number of nights lodging at host
resort or participating hotels or equivalent lodging depending on location of travel

Not included: Any items not listed on “Details of your vacation package” sheet, including but not limited to: Airfare, transportation, hotel taxes, certificate & administrative fees, port fees, service charges, meals, roll-a-way beds, phone usage and/or any other items of a personal nature. These items are not included in this offer and are the sole responsibility of the user. Florida State room/tourist tax is currently 9-12%, this may change without notice. This tax is to be paid by the traveler to the resort at the time of check in. Extended stays by the user of this Vacation Package may be possible, depending on availability of space at the prevailing rate and location of travel. Rates depend on time of year, availability and type of accommodations. Stays may be no longer than five (5) nights.

Transfer: This Vacation Package cannot be resold, bartered, or redeemed for cash. All Federal, State, and Local laws apply. This Vacation package is governed by the laws of the State of Florida. This package is transferable to qualifying person(s). To transfer a package, USA Travel and Tours must receive transfer notice in writing by both parties involved, as well as new contact information for the new qualifying traveler. Packages must be transferred in their entirety and are subject to a $29 transfer fee, to qualifying parties only.

Liability: This Vacation Package is not valid where prohibited by law. USA Travel and Tours accepts no responsibility or liability for any damages, expenses or inconvenience due to loss, injury and/or any damage to any person or property for any cause whatsoever as a result of acceptance or use of the vacation offer. USA Travel and Tours also accepts no responsibility for any verbal claims or representations other than those specified in this contract. USA Travel and Tours reserves the right to substitute equivalent accommodations or locations if those stipulated in the package are no longer available for any reason.

Cancellation: Vacation packages are sold in accordance with Florida State statutes. No purchaser should rely upon representations other than those included in this contract. If this vacation package is not a dated package (if there have been no dates set), this vacation package may be cancelled by returning all materials no later than 45 days from the date of receipt to the address printed at the bottom of this form. The cancellation will be processed, and refunded in the same manner that payment was made. No refunds can be processed without the return of ALL vacation package materials sent to the traveler. No refunds can be processed for packages which have had dates chosen

Details of Participation: Vacation packages are discounted for the purpose of introducing the benefits of vacation ownership. You are required to attend a 90-minute, no-obligation, VIP preview of the resort during your stay at each destination. This program is designed for individuals or married couples with a household annual income of at least $50,000. If married or co-habitating, both husband and wife/cohabitants must attend the presentation together. Participants of this vacation package must show two (2) forms of ID before the preview. The two (2) forms of identification must be a valid driver’s license and a Major Credit Card. Please note that attraction tickets (if included in your package) can only be issued following the tour presentation(s). No premiums can be given if the tour is not taken and you will be charged full retail rates for your accommodations. Once confirmation of vacation is set, any failure to show up on your arrival date for any reason without 14 day prior notice of cancellation, will result in a one-time $99 room guarantee charge. This fee will be deducted from any refund given to traveler. If traveler arrives for vacation on time, stays the requested number of nights, but fails to complete their obligation of touring the host resort, or does not qualify under the above restrictions a one-time Non-Tour fee of $250 will be charged to traveler’s credit card on file.

Expiration: Travel must be completed within 12 months of purchase of packages. The expiration date of this vacation offer can be extended twelve months with no renewal fee.

Subject to Change: All terms and conditions of packages contained within this offer are subject to change without prior notice.